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Many thanks to our friend and talented photographer, Humza Deas for this feature in NYMag. Check out his photography here.

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1. Humza Deas, 18
Bridge/building climber, photographer, "outlaw Instagrammer"

“When I’m out shooting photography, I like really flexible pants. There's this brand called the New Standard Edition — they make ones they are also stylish, so it is a win-win. When I’m not shooting, I can wear them out; and when I am shooting, it is comfortable and they have pockets on the side I can put my lenses and filters in. They were actually in the photo that I did for New York Magazine that was on the cover, and I just fell in love with them. They were my favorite pair of pants — I wore them like twice a week. When you wear distressed pants, you don’t always want to bend your knee all the way or you’ll rip your pants, but these have a little bit of spandex. That’s good when I’m climbing or lunging. It doesn’t rip, so they are comfortable and freeing, rather than being limiting.” 


4 Menswear Trends for Fall 2015

It's time for fashion's favorite season: Fall. We welcome the return of sweater weather, layering, and boots with new textures, fabrics, fits, and color palettes being added to menswear this season. 


1. The Cropped Pant

Fashion has deemed cropped pants as in. Men don't be afraid to show a little ankle. Whether the pants are denim or chino, boot legged or skinny, keep your hemlines about an inch above the ankle. 


When you double denim the rule of thumb is to use different shades, but finally the Canadian Suit is in style. So feel free to match your favorite denim pants with any denim top. All rules are out. 

3. Beige 

Anywhere between beige and brown from khaki to tan to tobacco, this color will be everywhere this Fall. Get them in your fit.  

4. The Leather Pant

Leather pants are back. But if comfort is any issue opt out for a pair with a leather finish.

You can shop for these looks at: The New Standard Edition. And be sure your style continues to #SetNewStandards 

What to Wear When it’s Too Hot to Move

Remember, like a month ago, when New Yorkers were tweaking because it was 50 degrees in June? Well summer’s in full swing- it’s 95° and sunny, and we’ve all been reminded that karma is undeniably the HBIC.

So now, you have to worry about looking good and staying cool (the face covered in sweat/eyes full of sorrow combo is just one of those things we should all avoid.) We’ve got some advice to help you sacrifice sweat, not style.

1.       The SHOEEEEES

Birkenstocks are in and mandals are a movement, but if your one of those guys that just can’t get behind it, we’ve got two words for you- Mesh Sneakers. Adidas and Nike have some dope options and they’ll keep you cool (and covered) all summer long.

2.       Shorts

Look, shorts are tough. You’ve got to be the right guy in the right pair of shorts. But there are so many options. Jogger shorts, chino shorts, dare I say… jorts? The opportunities are endless.

3.       Not a Shorts Guy? Keep it Light

You skip leg day, your calves haven’t seen the sun since the 7th grade, your ankle tan is laughable; whatever the reason, we get it… some dudes just don’t do shorts. And that’s okay, but when temps get excessive, things get tough.

What you can do is rock a lightweight twill, like this cropped chino, paired with an ultra-light weight button down and you’ve got a breezy look for the hottest day.

First Official New Standard Warehouse Sale

So, we got to spring cleaning a little bit late. But we’ve hit the site with some serious sales- we’re talking 75% off, almost everything marked down, bonus cash applied to your order type of deal.

We’ve got wool and twill and denim on sale, making it a perfect time to grab staple pieces for Fall and Winter. Classic pieces like our O.D. camo Jordan joggers and white Jagger skinny jeans are sleek foundations for any look, while our bolder, printed chinos work as statement pieces for the days you just want to throw on a white tee.

In addition to the discount, we’ve got some coupons for $25 or $50 towards a purchase of $100 or $150, respectively (just type GET25 or GET50 at checkout). Throw in free domestic shipping and we’ve got the shoppers perfect storm.

Head to the site ASAP though, this sale won’t last long!

You’re welcome.

7 Reasons to Appreciate Jogger Pants

June 16th has been deemed National Jogger Pants Day, and it looks like we might have a new favorite holiday!

We’ve come up with a list of 7 reasons to admire the jogger pant for everything it does.

1.       They show off your shoes

The growing “sneakerhead” subculture has revered the jogger since it’s popularization in the 2010’s. The pant provides style and fit, while framing the shoe, not hiding it.

2.       Versatility is the name of the game

Joggers make the transition from playing your PS3 with your dog to taking your girlfriend out 99% less stressful- throw on a crisp shirt and a pair of shoes and you’re out the door. No need for a full outfit change.  

3.       The looooooook y’all

Chino’s are classic and denim is a staple, but sometimes you get tired of your usual uniform. Joggers have elevated style that make a simple white t-shirt a statement. (photo cred: DressedToIll)

4.       Wearing them kind of makes you feel like an off-duty soccer player

For some reason, the jogger exudes a casual elegance, reminiscent of a European athlete (don’t even pretend it’s not true.)

(Photocred: GQ)

5.       They don’t limit your mobility

We’d all be lying if we denied wearing pants that made it pretty hard to move just because they looked good. Sometimes, sacrifices need to be made in the name of style. But joggers let you look good on the move.

6.       Ladies kill it too

While joggers originated as an A1 dude look, girls have really taken this trend by storm. These pants give structure while being unbelievably comfy and they look pretty damn good (I mean, have you seen Duan rocking these things?)

7.       You can wear sweatpants. Everywhere.

You’re headed to the gym? Throw on some joggers. The office? Still works. Meeting your girl’s parents? Could be a stretch, but honestly I think you’d get away with it.

So thank you, Jogger Pants.

Another Reason to Love New York

New York Magazine Released the 10th edition of their Reasons to Love New York issue. The mag features articles about NY rap, peaceful protests, and the perfect chocolate chip cookie. The highlight, however, is the breathtaking cover photo taken by then 17-year-old Humza Deas. Deas is a New York based Instagrammer who scales bridges and buildings, documenting his adventures with photos that are, for lack of a better word, awesome. His photography gives new perspective to classic New York landmarks.

Deas and thrill seekers like him have started to crop up throughout the US, and they're upping the standards for cool. The foreground of the NYMag cover features Humza’s legs (he rarely shows his face) adorned in the Jordan Slim Stretch Cargo in Black Over-Dyed Camo by New York based brand, The New Standard Edition. The jogger combines premium street style with stretch twill fabric that provides maximum mobility (enough to scale a building, anyway). 

Browse the issue here


'Tis the Season for Crisp, White Denim

With Memorial Day behind us, New Yorkers have witnessed the unofficial start to summer, and with it, the launch of a huge menswear trend for 2015- all white, everything. If you're looking to achieve the crisp, carefree look that comes with rocking white denim, GQ contributors Liza Corsillo and David Bazner have your back. The two have compiled a list of the seven white jeans to buy now and give some premium guidance on how to make them work for you. Included in the select seven is the James Skinny Selvedge Denim, a classic cut by The New Standard Edition, in True White. 

Check out the article here to see the jeans that made the cut and get advice on how to style them.


Posted on Aug 19 on RAWRDENIM.COM

The New Standard Edition – New York’s Latest Raws


As many of you know, a few of us here at Rawr set up post in New York last month to cover Market Week. During the marathon runs of trade shows throughout the city, we met with many brands including those established and thriving to new and determined labels ready to make their mark. I was particularly struck by NYC’s very own The New Standard Edition. Upon meeting them at their booth at the Agenda Trade show, I was impressed by their drive to make garments that would captivate streetwear and denim fiends alike.

After Agenda had wrapped for the week I made a trip over to their offices in Midtown to find out more about the brand. There I met with owner Evan Josloff and head designer Kristina Romeo to talk about the inspiration behind the brand, their current collection, and products that are soon to be released.

The brand is fairly young, having released their initial collection during December of 2013, the brains behind it, however, have been in the fashion business for a combined 30+ years. Josloff has been a senior buyer for many well known brands while Romeo has been his right hand woman and designer.

The pair’s most notable work to date has been building up famed skateboarding retailer CCS’s private label brand, which they grew  to outsell branded stock that CCS carried and collaborated with companies such as SkullCandy on limited edition products and lines.

In late 2013, the two decided to try their hand at their own brand, The New Standard Edition. The main concept was quality bottoms with good fits at a great price point. Josloff and Romeo worked for many months to perfect the fits of pants that they would go on to produce, trying to get everything just right before the launch.

Part of the idea behind their brand is to present updates on products that have become “classics” among the menswear sphere. Currently, they produce two different fits in denim: Skinny and Slim. What helps to differentiate them from the pack are the variations that they produce upon those fits which include drop crotch and cropped legs versions of each.

All of their jeans range in weight from 11-14oz. and are made from Chinese-woven selvedge denim. Josloff wants to reassure skeptics of Chinese quality by letting them know he personally selects all of the fabric himself. Their price point comes in at a reasonable range between $95 and $150 a pair. Josloff believes that for smaller brands such as his, the key to success is accessibility.

While most of the denim is strictly raw, the brand does occasionally venture out into different variation on their selvedge denim such as jacquard tiger camo, herringbone weave selvedge, neppy slub denim, and black waxed denim. Though the brand is still small and growing, they boast quite the list of stockists for their products, including Karmaloop, American Rag, and Kitson.

Read the full article here.

Has Athletic Wear Replaced Denim?

Posted on Aug. 15, 2014 at

Jeans Out… Yoga Pants In?

In a note to clients on August 12, Eric Beder of Wunderlich Securities stated:

"In 2012, colored denim was the key fashion trend for the teen segment; in addition, colored denim necessitated a shift to brighter and patterned tops, driving traffic to the stores for new outfits, especially in the women's segment (while still a key piece of the story, men's has been less affected by fashion trends). That said, unlike in prior periods, when overwhelming fashion trends lasted for multiple years, in 2013, colored denim was replaced by athletic-driven jeggings and leggings-driven looks and overall teen women's fashion trends became diffused, which has remained the case in 2014."

Women appear to be buying more athletic apparel and less jeans. Bentz, however, slighty disagrees.

"I think the yoga thing has jumped the shark personally. When The Gap (NYSE: GPS) launched Athleta it was done," said Bentz. "And it's not just women –- men are really coming into their own in terms of 'Athliesure' eschewing denim for the new 'Man sweat Pant' or 'Jogger,' which is really becoming a phenomena.

"I believe both women and men are starting to adopt a less denim-centric wardrobe."

Bentz points to the success of companies like New Standard Edition, whose part-sweat pant, part-tailored pants are big sellers.

Read the full article here.

This article was reposted on Yahoo Finance here.


Posted Aug. 13, 2014 on

Rising Brand: The New Standard Edition Is Setting The Bar Higher For Jogging Pants

We’re going to go ahead and assume you wore your jogger pants for the majority of the summer. We know we did. There’s nothing easier than a go to pair of pants (or multiples of them), that you can just throw on and get out the door. When it comes to the summer time, it’s essential to let your kicks get some shine and no body does that better than some joggers.

The latest brand of joggers to catch our eye come from The New Standard Edition, a Big Apple based company looking to bring some refinement and elegance to the streetwear game. The first thing that had our attention was the fit and cut of these pants; slimmer and lighter weight than most, these are the perfect summer companion. With some of the better color combinations we’ve seen in a while, these guys are definitely setting the “new standard” for casual streetwear.

See the full article here.


Posted Jul. 28, 2014 on

Jordan Slim Tapered Jogger

by The New Standard Edition

With 25 years of denim and pant production under their belt, the team behind The New Standard has developed a winning formula for delivering versatile staples for the contemporary man. This slim tapered jogger boasts all the functionality of a cargo pant while maintaining a trim, understated silhouette. 100% cotton.

Shown here with The World Cup Kit Spain Shirt by Black Ivy

See full article here



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The New Standard Edition Summer 2014 Lookbook

Denim and pant brand The New Standard Edition has released their lookbook for Summer 2014. The collection features clean and comfortable denim and pant designs with updated fits, variations on classic quality fabrics and colors, and premium signature details. Take a look at their offerings for the summer, and keep an eye out for the collection to hit select retailers soon.

See the full article here.


Posted on Jan 6, 2014 on

The New Standard Edition

The New Standard Edition is simply about offering guys access to clean and comfortable denim & pant designs for them to create their own new standard of style. The focus is on new updated fits, variations on classic quality fabrics and colors, and premium signature details. The assortment is comprised of a broad array of different looks for the trend conscious guy. The team’s 25 year history building men’s denim and pants provides the experience to deliver the right product. From their Skinny Sag Selvage Jeans to the Slim Stretch Twill Cargo Joggers, there’s a new effortless look for every guy.

Find the latest at our downtown shop.

Blades Downtown

659 Broadway
btwn Bleecker & 3rd
New York, NY 10012

Read the full article here.


Posted on Dec 23, 2013 on

American Designer Spotlight: Evan Josloff (The New Standard Edition)

Images: NaShish Photography

"The New Standard Edition is one of the coolest quality brands on the market."

Evan Josloff, Founder of The New Standard Edition, is not your run of the mill fashion designer. This industry veteran has a penchant for style and wants to dress you in an uber cool way, so pay attention to what he believes will spark up your wardrobe. His welcoming, laid-back, hipster-meets-skate culture personality will make you forget he’s been around for some time and you’ll wonder how he defies time with his ageless style. However, it is Josloff’s youthful take on life that transcends into his knack for clothing, combined with his unique eye and take on personal style that allows him to reach a wide customer base. The plus is Josloff’s 20 or more years experience in the industry ensures clientele he knows the market and he’s a serious industry player.

The Grant Skinny Chino Map Print

During our initial meeting at the House of Horology he gushed about his “Joggers”, and how men’s fashion has changed so much. He’s looking forward to offering his updated fits to this more adventurous men’s market.

Honestly, Evan’s knowledge of the industry had me intrigued upon arrival, and before I knew it we tuned everyone out and had a lengthy conversation about men’s fashion, the industry, marketing and what tomorrow holds for those of us ready for something new. Our shared respect for quality men’s clothing ensured that we hit it off instantly.

Wayne Skinny Sag Selvage Denim in True Black

If you are a fabric afficionado, as I am, you will enjoy the hand of his goods and admire the time spent on details, and I assure you none of the time was wasted idly. During the viewing of his samples, I was quite impressed with each piece. The prints were fine and crisp, and the textures defied even the sharpest of images — mostly noted when he introduced me to the “James Skinny Selvage Tiger Camo” a pant with which the tonal print was actually a jacquard stretch fabric. After our chat and the appraisal of his samples, I knew there was more than what met the eye.

Guaranteed to hit stores hard, The New Standard Edition is geared to style savvy male shoppers who like a sharp, yet comfortable fit with cool aesthetics and attention to detail. If this is you, we invite you to get to know the man behind the brand and see why his “effortless cool” is ready to be packaged and shipped to a store near you.

What influenced your venture into the fashion industry?

I’ve always had a very strong passion for style and I’m constantly looking for new ways to keep elevating my own game. I tell friends, (most of them much younger than me), you can walk around in a potato sack and you look fine, but I need more help. Seeing other brands out there and having an appreciation for what they stand for also inspires me everyday.

What is the origin of your brand name The New Standard Edition? What does it represent?

The New Standard Edition is really all about guys helping other guys elevate their own look. You have one piece and you build different looks around it and you’re able to reinvent yourself in a simple, effortless way. It’s about creating your own new standard.

Which part do you enjoy most? The process of creating or the finished product?

I enjoy the process, but I really enjoy watching someone take what we’ve created and building their look around it, how they interpret what we did. Some people love the fabric, some people love the print, some people love the fit or whatever it is – and watching how they interpret what makes sense with that look is the most rewarding.

Grant Skinny Marrakesh Print Trouser

Who is your target market customer?

The target customer we’re looking at is 18-34. I dress young, but I’m older. This works even for a 40-year-old, because it’s the guy that really wants to look sharp but isn’t necessarily comfortable, because our products have some stretch it’s meant for every guy to feel more comfortable and looking better.

What makes The New Standard Edition different from other brands?

We’re very focused on fit, and on silhouette. Compared to all the brands that are established, I feel that we are smaller and nimble and are able to be more relevant with updated fits. When I look at fits from some of the bigger guys that inspire us, I say that’s great but it could actually be improved, so we’ve tweaked the fits that are out there and made them more current with what’s going on. I feel that in a fashion sense we are providing and delivering quality product, in terms of fabric and details and trying to deliver it at an accessible retail.

Jordan Cargo Jogger in Black

What have been some highlights or breakthroughs within the industry since you started?

Well, right now it’s an incredibly exciting time. Since I started, this moment in time is the most focused I’ve seen the male consumer on fit, and how something looks on them. In prior years, it was just really about brands and they just didn’t understand or feel really as conscious about how an item looked on them. Now, men actually are scrutinizing how the style / fit looks on them, more than focusing on the brand name. Whether they know the brand or not, they’re saying “I look good in this” or “This is a good look for me.” and that makes this the most exciting time in men’s fashion. Bottom line is, the male consumer has a more sophisticated eye and therefore is more conscious of the fit, design and quality, period.

Would you say you are currently satisfied with where you are as a brand? If not, what needs to be done in order to take you to the next level?

I don’t know if I’ll ever be satisfied. I would like to have more exposure and definitely be in more doors but I think for where we are, I think it’s been decent. It’s controlled.

To aspiring designers who might be inspired by this feature, what sort of advice could you give them? Share advice you wish you had when you started.

It’s all about not holding back, and going for it. I strongly feel that I’ve been very hesitant and a bit intimidated without having a complete story, that I was not ready, but I feel that today you need to just get it out there. There are some people with one or two design ideas that are so strong that they literally could be a springboard, but they’re thinking “I don’t know what to do here”, “I don’t have this part of the business” or “I don’t have enough styles”. It’s like if you really have an eye, and you have a couple items that are hot build on them and get out there, because you’ll build momentum and it will start to work for you.

What is your favorite item / piece from the collection?

I really love the Wayne Skinny Sag Selvage Jeans overall. I love the fit. It’s the drop-crotch style that has a very drastic taper from the hip down to the leg opening. A lot of the products out there claim, we do a skinny or we do a straight and there’s not a lot of shape to it. I feel very strongly that we’re delivering more interesting fits in quality fabrics.

What are your thoughts on GrungeCake? Is there anything out there like it?

I think GrungeCake is so on point right now for what is happening. Also, GrungeCake’s genuine passion is so admirable, I think where the market is today whether it’s music, fashion, art or whatever it is exactly what is needed. I see it as a vehicle for all types of artists and smaller startup ventures to be discovered with genuine support. I think it’s incredible.