Has Athletic Wear Replaced Denim?

Posted on Aug. 15, 2014 at Benzinga.com

Jeans Out… Yoga Pants In?

In a note to clients on August 12, Eric Beder of Wunderlich Securities stated:

"In 2012, colored denim was the key fashion trend for the teen segment; in addition, colored denim necessitated a shift to brighter and patterned tops, driving traffic to the stores for new outfits, especially in the women's segment (while still a key piece of the story, men's has been less affected by fashion trends). That said, unlike in prior periods, when overwhelming fashion trends lasted for multiple years, in 2013, colored denim was replaced by athletic-driven jeggings and leggings-driven looks and overall teen women's fashion trends became diffused, which has remained the case in 2014."

Women appear to be buying more athletic apparel and less jeans. Bentz, however, slighty disagrees.

"I think the yoga thing has jumped the shark personally. When The Gap (NYSE: GPS) launched Athleta it was done," said Bentz. "And it's not just women –- men are really coming into their own in terms of 'Athliesure' eschewing denim for the new 'Man sweat Pant' or 'Jogger,' which is really becoming a phenomena.

"I believe both women and men are starting to adopt a less denim-centric wardrobe."

Bentz points to the success of companies like New Standard Edition, whose part-sweat pant, part-tailored pants are big sellers.

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