Posted Aug. 13, 2014 on Karmaloop.com

Rising Brand: The New Standard Edition Is Setting The Bar Higher For Jogging Pants

We’re going to go ahead and assume you wore your jogger pants for the majority of the summer. We know we did. There’s nothing easier than a go to pair of pants (or multiples of them), that you can just throw on and get out the door. When it comes to the summer time, it’s essential to let your kicks get some shine and no body does that better than some joggers.

The latest brand of joggers to catch our eye come from The New Standard Edition, a Big Apple based company looking to bring some refinement and elegance to the streetwear game. The first thing that had our attention was the fit and cut of these pants; slimmer and lighter weight than most, these are the perfect summer companion. With some of the better color combinations we’ve seen in a while, these guys are definitely setting the “new standard” for casual streetwear.

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