What to Wear When it’s Too Hot to Move

Remember, like a month ago, when New Yorkers were tweaking because it was 50 degrees in June? Well summer’s in full swing- it’s 95° and sunny, and we’ve all been reminded that karma is undeniably the HBIC.

So now, you have to worry about looking good and staying cool (the face covered in sweat/eyes full of sorrow combo is just one of those things we should all avoid.) We’ve got some advice to help you sacrifice sweat, not style.

1.       The SHOEEEEES

Birkenstocks are in and mandals are a movement, but if your one of those guys that just can’t get behind it, we’ve got two words for you- Mesh Sneakers. Adidas and Nike have some dope options and they’ll keep you cool (and covered) all summer long.

2.       Shorts

Look, shorts are tough. You’ve got to be the right guy in the right pair of shorts. But there are so many options. Jogger shorts, chino shorts, dare I say… jorts? The opportunities are endless.

3.       Not a Shorts Guy? Keep it Light

You skip leg day, your calves haven’t seen the sun since the 7th grade, your ankle tan is laughable; whatever the reason, we get it… some dudes just don’t do shorts. And that’s okay, but when temps get excessive, things get tough.

What you can do is rock a lightweight twill, like this cropped chino, paired with an ultra-light weight button down and you’ve got a breezy look for the hottest day.